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One of the necessities that we use in our house or business is appliances. Appliances can cause trouble if not handled with proper care. One of the best practices that we can do to extend the health of our appliances is having a surge protector.

Surge protectors are used to protecting appliances from voltage spikes. This may be caused by lightning, storms, short circuits and much more. Basically, if appliances experience voltage spikes, it will damage its electric capability and possibly might need to be replaced. Also, surge protectors usually come in power strips.

Surge protectors really help. Here are the reasons why you should get one:

Saves you money

Yes, it does. It helps your pocket from repair and replacements since it protects it from breakage.

Conditions your appliances’ capability

It maintains the electrical current or functionality whenever there is an interruption. This protects your appliances to spike its electric current to avoid damage.

Gives you more outlets

Since some surge protectors come in power stripes, it allows you to use more appliances safely at the same time. And it also comes with USB connections, where you can charge your phones. But always check the amperage of the USB before using it. Usually, it comes with 1A or 2A. 1A is good for smartphones and 2A for tablets.

Need An Electrician?

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It is affordable

You can have a surge protector for as low as $180.00 depending on the work. With that affordable price, you can save money from repair and maintenance.

If you need a surge protector, you can always count on Static Electrics. We are equipped with the best and experienced licensed electricians. We can give you a free quote to check the place and we’ll let you know how much would it cost for you to have a surge protector at your place.

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