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In the dynamic world of solar energy, inverters like the Aurora Power One play a crucial role. Originally known as Power-One, this brand is a leading provider of power conversion and management solutions. Established in 1973, the company initially focused on power supply products and gradually expanded its portfolio to include power conversion solutions for renewable energy, particularly solar inverters. While renowned for their reliability, these inverters can occasionally encounter issues, signalled by specific Aurora error codes. To help you with troubleshooting Aurora inverters, we at Static Electrics presents a guide to help you efficiently address these problems.

Aurora Power One Solar Inverters have a few common errors and, in some cases, these will be covered by the manufacturer’s 5-year warranty. Have a look to see if your system is still in warranty (and therefore still covered), as well as reviewing the below common fault codes which can occur in Aurora solar inverters.

Aurora Solar Inverter Error Code E031

The E031 error code is the most common Aurora solar inverter faults and is caused by the inverter incorrectly reading the voltages. Unfortunately, this fault requires the inverter to be replaced, with this process varying if your inverter is inside or outside the 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. If it is outside the warranty, give your local solar electrician a call and they can arrange a solar health check. Alternatively, if your inverter is still in the warranty period get in touch with the original installer and ask them to complete a warranty request. You can contact ABB direct to get help with the warranty process if necessary.

Other Common Aurora Inverter Fault Codes

Aurora inverters have a massive list of fault codes, upwards of 30, below are just some of the main errors which you may come across along the life of your solar inverters.

Input-related errors

  • Input Overcurrent (E001): Occurs when the inverter’s input current exceeds its threshold. Check the composition of the PV generator and the input configurations. To correctly set the input, professional assistance might be required.
  • Input Overvoltage (E002): Triggered by excessive input voltage from the PV generator. Verify the input voltage with a voltmeter; if within limits but errors persist, consider seeking support from a solar electrician.

Communication and parameter errors

  • No Parameters (E003): Indicates internal communication issues. Try resetting the inverter. If the problem remains, professional help is advisable.
  • Communication Error (E005): Suggests problems in internal communication. Reset the inverter as an initial step; ongoing issues may require expert intervention.

Voltage & current issues

  • Bulk Overvoltage (E004): Caused by high voltage at the bulk capacitors. Check the input voltage and PV generator setup. Persistent errors might signal internal faults.
  • Output Overcurrent (E006) and IGBT Saturation (E007): These errors typically need an internal solar inspection and possibly solar servicing.

Ground faults and leakage currents

  • Ground Fault (Red LED) and Ground Fault (E018): A megohmmeter can help measure insulation resistance. Values below 1 megaohm necessitate a technician’s review.
  • Error Read V (E031): Reflects a voltage measurement discrepancy. Repeated occurrences should be addressed by a solar technician.

Bulk capacitor and temperature related

  • Bulk Low Voltage (E010): Triggered by low input voltage or insufficient PV generator power. Check for consistent occurrence under adequate solar conditions.
  • Over Temperature (E014): Ensure proper inverter cooling and ventilation. High ambient temperatures can trigger this error.

Internal errors and diagnostics

    • Internal Error (E009, E019, E024, E027): These indicate various internal failures. A reset may temporarily resolve the issue, but repeated errors necessitate professional service.
    • Self-Test Failures (E020, E021, E022): Issues with internal relay or sensor tests. If these persist after a reboot, contact a technician.

What do I do if my solar inverter is showing an error code?

If your inverter is showing an error code, whether it be one of the above or another fault altogether, it is best to give your local solar electrician a call and they can send a qualified solar technician out to do a system health check. This will ensure the problem is located and a solution found quickly and efficiently. The quicker you call, the quicker your system will be back up and running!

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