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Solar energy systems, a vital component of modern sustainable practices, hinge on the efficient operation of inverters. China based Sungrow Power Supply Co Ltd, is a leading global provider of inverter solutions for renewable energy, and it has established itself as a significant player in the solar power market. Sungrow inverters, although known for their reliability, may occasionally encounter issues. This guide elaborates on how to troubleshoot common Sungrow inverter error codes.

1. Sungrow Error Code 010 – Grid Failure (Islanding)

The error code 010 on a Sungrow inverter indicates a grid failure, often referred to as “Islanding”. This is the most common Sungrow inverter error, occurring when the inverter is unable to detect the grid’s presence. To troubleshoot Check your AC circuit breaker at the switchboard. Ensure it hasn’t been tripped and is functioning properly.


2. Grid Voltage Problems (Sungrow Error Codes: 002, 004, 014, 015) Voltage irregularities can significantly impact inverter performance. Error codes like 002 and 004 indicate over-voltage and under-voltage respectively. Regularly monitoring grid voltage and comparing it against the inverter’s acceptable range is crucial. For persistent issues, a thorough system inspection by Static Electrics could reveal underlying causes.

3. Transient Faults (Sungrow Error Codes: 003, 005, 007, 019) Transient faults are often temporary glitches due to grid instability. While these can resolve independently, frequent occurrences might indicate deeper system problems. Regular system health checks and preventive maintenance by professionals like Static Electrics can minimize such occurrences.

4. AC and DC Issues (Sungrow Error Codes: 006, 021, 022, 088) These errors, ranging from AC over-current to PV input issues, suggest problems in power output or solar panel connections. Regular checks of AC output and ensuring secure, correct PV panel connections are essential. For complex issues, call on a specialist electrician for solar repairs to diagnose and resolve the problem.

5. Temperature-Related Issues (Sungrow Error Codes: 036, 037) Excessive temperature can impair inverter functioning. Keeping the inverter in a well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight, and ensuring the cooling system (like fans) is working properly, are key preventive measures. Regular cleaning of air inlets and checks for ambient temperature can also help.

6. Insulation and Leakage Current (Sungrow Error Codes: 012, 039, 041, 056) These errors typically point to grounding issues or PV string faults. Regular inspection of the PV strings for damages or shorts, and verifying the inverter’s grounding, are crucial steps. Static Electrics can provide professional assistance in diagnosing and rectifying these issues.


7. Communication and Sensor Errors (Sungrow Error Codes: 059, 320, 503-506) Problems in internal communication or sensor malfunctions may cause these errors. Resetting the inverter and checking all relevant connections are initial steps. However, repeated occurrences indicate a need for professional intervention.

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Timely troubleshooting of Sungrow inverter error codes is essential for maintaining the efficiency and longevity of solar energy systems. While this guide covers basic troubleshooting steps, the expertise of Static Electrics is invaluable for swift solar inverter repairs and ensuring the optimal performance of your solar system.

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