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Do you love your home’s ceiling fans? As the cost of running an air conditioner soars, the popularity of ceiling fans is back with a major bang – also because they can be as stylish as they are cost-effective. The even better news is that ceiling fans are remarkably reliable, lasting for years and even decades with little more than the odd round of dusting and checking to see if all the screws are tight. Has your ceiling fan stopped working, though? Before worrying too much about professional ceiling fan repairs or replacement, it’s worth noting that many of the most common issues can actually be resolved with some smart DIY ceiling fan troubleshooting.

Argh! Why’s my ceiling fan not working?

Is your ceiling fan on the blink? Time is of the essence because letting that problem fester will probably only make it worse – and a lot more difficult and expensive to fix:

1. Ceiling fan not working at all

So you flip the switch and … literally nothing happens at all. The simplest explanation is that the fan is no longer connected to its power source – hopefully it’s just the circuit breaker that’s tripped.

2. Ceiling fan works, but it’s noisy

It really depends what the noise is, but the most common reason for the need to fix a noisy ceiling fan is just one or more loose screws on the blades and motor housing. But if it’s a really alarming, the bearings might be terminally worn out.

3. Ceiling fan wobbles or shakes

Again, checking the way the blades are attached is often the quick fix here – but you may need to resolve a blade imbalance with a balancing kit. You’ll get adhesive weights and a clip to address the incorrect weight distribution.

4. 3 speed ceiling fan only works on one speed

It’s not just 3-speed ceiling fans that can suffer from this problem – maybe it’s got 6 speed settings. But if the speed never changes no matter what you do at the control, the problem could be in the switch itself – and to fix that you’ll need a wiring expert. It might also be a faulty capacitor, and that will require a local electrician too.

5. Ceiling fan remote not working

A lot of modern ceiling fans operate by remote – so with a bit of luck, it just needs a reset, re-pairing with the receiver, or some new batteries.

6. Ceiling fan light not working

Many modern ceiling fans also come bundled with a built-in room light, so if the fan’s working fine but you’re sitting in the dark, it might just be the bulb.

7. Ceiling fan turns off unexpectedly

You might not realise that a timer feature has been triggered that periodically stops your ceiling fan from operating after a time. Another advanced feature can be a temperature control setting, so it’s just turning off when the room is cool enough.

8. Ceiling fan not spinning fast enough

One possibility is the motor getting near the end of its useful life, but maybe there’s just a lot of dust built up on the blades, weighing them down. Another related issue is normal ceiling fan speed but not enough airflow – and that can mean the blade pitch is too shallow or the ceiling fan simply isn’t fit for purpose for your room or space.

9. Ceiling fan stopped spinning but still works

If you can tell power is being supplied to the ceiling fan but the blades are simply not spinning, maybe the motor has overheated – hopefully not terminally!

10. Ceiling fan won’t stop ticking

Why does my ceiling fan tick? It’s one of the most common troubleshooting questions of all – and the problem is usually a loose component here or there. Hopefully, it’s not a serious motor or bearing issue, but if it’s a constant tick in rhythmic unison with the blade speed, you might be able to see where the contact is occurring.

11. Ceiling fan turning on by itself

This is a pretty weird problem – and could be that pesky timer we mentioned earlier. Another simple explanation is interference or a conflict from another remote signal elsewhere in your house – and hopefully not bad wiring.

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Ceiling fan still not working? We can help

Did that quick round of ceiling fan troubleshooting do the trick? If not, don’t risk your life, your home, or penalties due to breaching electrical wiring laws by delving any deeper into your faulty product – and instead give Static Electrics a shout.

Ceiling fans are obviously super-popular across the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and beyond – and that means we work on so many of them that you can be assured yours will be repaired properly or a replacement will be installed cost-effectively. For a fast response, upfront pricing and even a 100% workmanship guarantee, give the friendly team at Static Electrics a shout right now – and get that ceiling fan spinning and refreshing once again.