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Rewiring your house might be an expense you don’t particularly want to incur. However, if your existing wiring poses a major fire risk, then ultimately it’s one of the best investments that you can make. But how do you know that your house needs complete rewiring in the first place?

The answer? Have it inspected by a reputable licensed electrician! It might also be that you experience repeated electrical problems, or have visible signs of frayed/damaged or old wiring in and around the house. Either way, it’s always best to call in the pros for an opinion first.

Assuming that your house does indeed need rewiring, the million-dollar question is how much is rewiring your house going to cost?

There are in fact several factors that will influence the cost of rewiring your property.

Firstly the cost of copper wiring. Using some rough estimation the average cost of copper wiring for a standard small home is around A$600. Obviously, if you have a larger house or property, then this cost can double or even triple.

Then of course there’s the biggest cost of all – labour costs. Generally speaking, labour costs will depend on two main factors, These are:

  • The electrician’s hourly rate
  • The ease or difficulty with which they can access your wiring

Here are some hints to help you get the best price for rewiring your house

When most electricians quote for rewiring projects they will give you a standard cost per fitting, outlet, or switch. Then they add on the cost of replacing or upgrading your switchboard and any other miscellaneous work. The rates most electricians charge per outlet is somewhere between A$65 and A$120 so always get several quotes. Rather than letting the electrician quote you prices based on individual fittings, instead, ask for their very best price for the whole job. Also, tell them that you’re looking at several other companies too. This way you might get a more competitive price.

So what about rewiring pricing?

Because of these factors, quotes can and do vary enormously. Typically to rewire a 3 bedroomed house you’ll be looking somewhere in the region of A$4000, but you may also see quotes for nearly double this. That said, you shouldn’t always go with the cheapest quote. There are other important factors to take into consideration such as

  • Their reputation
  • The quality of their referrals
  • Their levels of professionalism this far

These factors too should play a big part in your final decision.

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Although costings and prices in this article are a rough guide and are subject to changes in market forces, it gives you an estimation of how much a project like this should cost. If you’d like to get an honest appraisal for rewiring your house before you opt for a complete refurb, call Static Electrics. We’ve been helping homeowners and businesses with their electrical dilemmas for many years. As such we make sure that we only carry out work that is absolutely necessary. For a free, no-obligation quote call us on 1300 206 004 today.