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As the summer is fast approaching and air conditioning units are being dusted down and serviced, there’s one more job you need to do, especially if you live in a home with ceiling fans – change the direction of your ceiling fan blades. Although it sounds a bizarre thing to have to do, there is a method behind the madness.

You may already know that ceiling fans can be used efficiently in the winter as well but as you need to increase the heat inside a room the blades need to be spinning clockwise. The reason? In this mode, your ceiling fan creates an updraft that draws the heat from the room and then distributes it evenly around. Used at a slow speed your ceiling fan will circulate the warm air well, thus reducing the need to really crank up your heating.

Conversely in the summer, the blades of your ceiling fan need to be turning anti-clockwise. This creates that all-important downdraft that gives the feeling of a cooling breeze as it forces the cool air downwards. The faster your fan turns, the cooler you’ll feel. All fans have a direction change facility and this is something that should definitely be utilised.

So just how do you change fan direction?

Firstly don’t forget to switch off the power. This is either done by turning off your fan at the wall switch or alternatively, if your ceiling fan has a chain operation system, then simply go to the fan itself and pull down on the appropriate chain. Next, alter the direction changer located on the body of the fan. Again this could either be a simple switch system (in which case you simply flick the switch over) or a chain system where you pull down on the appropriate chain to change the direction. Once you’ve done this, simply turn the power back on and check to make sure the direction of your fan is now running anti-clockwise.

Staying cool without racking up your energy bills

On an important note, the wind chill effect that you get from ceiling fans during spells of hot weather is only for the purpose of comfort. It has absolutely no effect on the actual temperature of a room. Therefore if you make the mistake of leaving a room without switching your fan off, you aren’t actually cooling the room. Instead, all you’re doing is wasting energy. In other words, by making a concerted effort to only use your ceiling fans when the room is occupied, you can save money on your energy bills.

If you’d like to find out more about how to use your ceiling fans efficiently or are looking to install ceiling fans to save on your energy bills, then contact Static Electrics. As experienced Queensland-based electricians, we’ve been in the industry for many years. During this time have helped a multitude of businesses and residents with their electrical problems. Why not call us on 1300 206 004 and talk to us about how we can help you today.