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Be honest: You press that button on the fancy control panel, count to 5, and start to feel the cooling or warming effect of your whiz-bang air conditioning system. But even if you have a basic idea of the difference between different types of air conditioner – including portable system, ducted system and split system – it’s always surprising how many heads start getting scratched when the simplest of air conditioning questions is asked: ‘What is reverse cycle air conditioning?

The non-technical answer to this question is fairly simple: For a country like Australia, where you need it nice and cool in the searing summer and lovely and toasty for those cold winter days and evenings, the reverse cycle is a lifesaver! In a single system, it effectively heats and cools – set it at a perfect 21 or 22°C and, whether it’s hailing outside or you’re in the midst of a heatwave, you’ll be comfortable and safe.

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How does reverse cycle air conditioning work?

The easiest reverse cycle air conditioning meaning, therefore, is this: in the refrigeration cycle it produces cool air, and in the reversed-refrigeration cycle, it produces warm air. And in both instances, the air is filtered, dehumidified and therefore made comfortable and healthy. Perfect!

As for reverse cycle air conditioning explained from a more technical point of view, it’s actually still not too complex to get your head around. The heart of the reverse cycle unit is the Heat Pump, which works according to the Heat Exchange Principle. No matter the temperature outside, the heat pump’s job is to extract heat from the air, use a refrigerant gas for the heat exchange process, and then transfer the cool air inside your home. With the process working in ‘reverse’, however, the result is warm air for winter. It does this by using the refrigerant to transfer the state of the heat energy – from gas to liquid and back to gas again. This transferring of physical state is done with components called the condenser and the evaporator, with the switching from reverse to non-reverse modes done with the mechanical reversing valve.

Simple, right? All that’s left now is to convince you that reverse cycle is definitely a good choice for your home and family:

1. All-in-one

Forget all about separate coolers & heaters – reverse cycle does it all! For simplicity and cost savings, there’s no better choice – and they run quietly, too!

2. They’re efficient

Unlike other technologies that essentially ‘create’ the cool or warm air, the reverse cycle extracts energy from the ambient air around the external unit – which is extremely energy efficient in both cycle stages. And with energy prices going up all the time, and all the emphasis on ‘green’ solutions for the future, cost and efficiency could hardly be more important.

3. They’re adaptable

There’s really no other cooling or heating technology – let alone one that does both – that is better at what it does. What we mean is that the unit’s inverter technology doesn’t work in the traditional ‘on or off’ way – it’s more like the accelerator in your car, either gently pressing down for more power or gently easing off to reach the desired speed. It means you don’t really notice it doing its thing in the background – it simply makes you comfortable all the time.

4. They purify

How many other air conditioning technologies actually make the air healthier? The reverse cycle filter traps those stinky, irritating and often downright unhealthy airborne particles – including bacteria and viruses – and makes it cleaner. Asthmatics, hay-fever suffers and people with other allergies rejoice!

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