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You come home after a long day at work and go to put your air conditioner on to cool down your room… and it’s leaking. You are sure it wasn’t leaking water when you turned it on yesterday, and now a puddle is forming and you aren’t sure why. Is it broken? Does it need replacing or repairing? What should you do?

air conditioner leaking water

We all know how irritating a leaking aircon can be, so we have put together some information about dripping units, what you should do, and who you should call. Remember, this is a guide only and you should always call your local air conditioning specialist if you are unsure or the water is pooling around electrical wiring, this can be very dangerous, so get the experts in to help.

How does an air conditioner deal with evaporation?

So, we have to start with the technical bit to ensure the rest makes sense. On a split system air conditioner, there is a drain from the head air conditioning unit that directs the water that is evaporating on the indoor unit coil to an external drain point. When an aircon is leaking, it is generally related to the drain component of the system not functioning effectively.

Why is my aircon leaking water?

There are a few reasons why the indoor unit of an air conditioner can leak:

  • The most common cause is a blockage in the drain from dust, dirt or mould.
  • The drain can become disconnected from the head unit.
  • The manufacturers drain may, over time, become brittle and crack.
  • There may be dirt or other obstructions at the end of the drain. For example, the drain is in the garden and is blocked by a plant or debris.
  • There was an installation error when the unit was first put in where there isn’t enough downward ‘fall’ on the head unit drain for the water being drained to flow properly.
  • There is a failure of the drain pump. In some cases, a drain pump may be used in some aircon systems to help pump the water away in situations where there is no general ‘fall’.

leaking water from air conditioner

How do I stop my air conditioner from leaking?

It’s important to have your air conditioning system cleaned by a professional periodically to prevent dirt and mould from building up, which is one of the most causes of a leaking aircon.

A qualified aircon technician will remove the headcover and complete a cleaning service which includes a high-pressure wash of the indoor units’ coil and also the drain pipe. A chemical will be flushed down the drain to ensure it is clean and a wet vac can be used to remove any built-up blockages and dirt.

air conditioner cleaning

How often should my air conditioner be serviced or cleaned to stop it from leaking water?

In most cases, a yearly premium air conditioner maintenance is highly recommended, as this will ensure the system operates at its best all year round. In some cases, it may be required more frequently – for example, if your system has a drain pump it is recommended that you arrange a service every six months, as they are prone to blockages and often cause water leaks.

In commercial spaces such as cafes, restaurants, offices, and commercial buildings, they generally have a more frequent service (some as regularly as once a month) depending on the amount of use.

If my air conditioner is leaking water, do I need a new one?

In most cases, your aircon technician will be able to fix the water leak and get the system running properly again. Once your system is serviced, the drain should be able to flow freely allowing the air conditioner to perform correctly.

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