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Okay so the long hot days of summer may seem a long way off, but now is the time to think about making sure that your air conditioning unit is in tip-top condition. After all – who wants to press the remote or flick the switch on a wilting summer day to suddenly find that their air conditioner doesn’t work?

Moreover, an air conditioning unit that isn’t functioning to full capacity is likely to cost you far more in electricity to operate so it really is worth doing. With this in mind, here are our aircon technicians 5 top tips that will guarantee your aircon unit is fired up and working to optimum capacity when you need it the most.

Replace or clean the aircon filters

As you can imagine your air conditioner unit collects a lot of dust, debris, and dirt particles and a lot of these particles are caught by the filter. If you have a clogged filter, then just like a vacuum cleaner, it just won’t function properly. This is not the only issue, you’ll also be pumping dust and allergens straight back into your home.

To change the filter of a split system air conditioner, simply open the front panel of the indoor unit remove the filter and clean the dust from the grill using a damp cloth. If the filter is disposable, throw the old filter into the bin and replace it with a new one. If it’s a permanent one then clean it with warm soapy water making sure there are no signs of further debris, let it dry and place it back in the unit.

Cleaning condenser coils

The condenser unit is the part that’s typically located outdoors and resembles a large grill inside a metal box. Typically this can get clogged up with leaves, insects, dust and other particles, all of which can hinder the efficiency of your unit.

To clean it gently rub over the coils with a soft brush making sure the area is free from debris. You might also want to use a small handheld vacuum to suck up any stubborn particles of debris.

air con cleaning summer

Clear aircon drain valve area

Scoop any leaves and debris that have accumulated at the base of the condenser and make sure the drain area is clear too.

Check coolant lines for damage or decay

Typically the refrigerant tubes or pipes are usually covered with a foam layer to keep them cool. If there are any areas where the foam is frayed, missing, or decaying then it needs replacing by a licenced air conditioner refrigerant technician.

Test the air conditioner

Once you’re happy that your aircon unit is free from dust, dirt, leaves, and debris then it’s time to test it. Give it a thorough run, about 30 mins, to make sure that your units are running at optimum capacity and is cooling the room down to the desired temperature quickly.

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If after doing this you feel that the unit still isn’t functioning as well as it should then it needs to be checked or serviced by a licenced air conditioning technician.

Static Electrics offer flexible maintenance and repair programs to make sure that your air conditioning units are functioning effectively to ensure they cool your home when you need them the most. For air conditioner servicing or a professional air conditioner cleaning service on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane call our team at 07 5445 8435 today.