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As the summer is in full swing everyone is trying to stay cool. While it’s extremely tempting to crank up the air conditioning and plant yourself right in front of it it can prove costly. So if you really want to keep cool without racking up your electricity bill, here are 7 great ways that can help.

Keep your doors open

Closing room doors is only going to prevent any air from permeating these areas. The secret is to keep doors open if possible at night when the temperatures aren’t quite so scorching and let the cooler air flow welcomingly through your home. This way during the day when temperatures are at their hottest, your home won’t feel quite so warm.

Keep your blinds closed

As simple as it sounds, keeping your blinds closed throughout the hottest part of the day makes a big difference to the temperature of your house. Did you know that on average around 30% of all heat entering a room comes from windows? Keeping blinds and/or curtains closed can actually lower your indoor temperatures by as much as 10 degrees Celsius and prevent your home from becoming a greenhouse.

Embrace the fans

If you compare running costs then ceiling fans cost a fraction of an A/C unit to run and if you use them wisely they can keep you cool. Firstly make sure they’re set in a summer setting. You might not know that ceiling fans have two adjustments ‘clockwise and anti-clockwise. During the summer you want to run it anti-clockwise at higher speeds to move those breezes around.

In addition, you can also use free-standing and desk-top fans to keep the airflow moving. This trick also helps. Fill a mixing bowl with ice or something similar like an ice pack and place it within the airflow pattern of a free-standing fan. This causes the air to whip off the ice, spreading it around the room, making it feel cooler.

Invest in a buckwheat pillow

There’s nothing worse than feeling hot in bed. The issue is that luxury pillows such as goose feather and even the conventional foam type are designed to keep you warm. They do this by trapping your body heat making you feel hot. Buckwheat husks on the other hand have a natural air space in between them which means that even when packed tightly into a pillow, they won’t hold on to body heat.

Keep your core temperature cool

When it’s 30°C plus outside most people focus on keeping their environment cool. However, it’s more advisable to focus on keeping yourself cool. Firstly, be smart about your clothing choices. Loose-fitting clothing made from cotton is more likely to keep you cool than polyester. Polyester tends to repel moisture making you feel uncomfortable and sticky while cotton absorbs perspiration making you feel cooler. Also, sip lots of iced water and try applying a cold cloth around areas like your wrists and neck.

Utilise the Ice/fan trick

Take an ice pack, or even a pack or frozen peas, place them in a bowl. Then position them in front of a common house fan. If it’s positioned at the right angle the already cooler air whips off the ice creating an extra-chilled effect to help keep yourself cool. Trust us it really does work!

Cook outdoors

Okay so you probably don’t need an excuse to cook outdoors but when it’s a hundred degrees in your kitchen already the last thing you want to do is to make it even hotter, so make the most of your barbecue and embrace al fresco dining.

So there you have it. 5 great tips to keep you cool without using air conditioning.

If of course, you do use air conditioning then it’s more economical if you use it in conjunction with ceiling fans. Doing so means that you’ll get the same lower temperatures, but without having to turn your air conditioner on full.

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