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As we’re fast approaching the summer months there’s nothing better than an ice-cold drink to keep us refreshed. For this reason, we tend to rely on our refrigerator and freezers more at this time of year. The issue is that just like our air conditioning units there’s a greater chance of your fridge deciding enough is enough, just when you need it most. To avoid this from happening here are 5 top tips to help it to run more efficiently.

Vacuuming the back of the fridge

The back end of a fridge is where the magic happens. It’s where the condenser coils are located and these are the parts that help to keep your fridge cool. The trouble is that it can get clogged up with dust, dirt, pet hair, and cobwebs. This is going to impinge on the efficient running of your fridge. For this reason, pull the fridge out frequently and give it a good vacuum either using a crevice tool or a handheld vacuum.

Clean the fridge door seals

It may only be a bit of rubber but it’s what keeps the cool air in. Food crumbs often tend to get wedged inside the folds of the seal and when this happens it can’t create that perfect seal, letting cold air escape and warm air in. To be assured of a perfectly cold refrigerator make sure the door seals are kept debris free.

Cover it up

The majority of foods contain moisture. If left uncovered most foods will release a certain amount of moisture back into the air. When this happens the compressor will have to work twice as hard to keep your fridge as cool as you need it to be. Not only that, strong-smelling foods may start to permeate into other foods so unless you’re very much into fishy flavoured fruit, then cover everything.

Cool your food before putting it away in the fridge

So you’ve been bulk cooking and you’ve made enough Chilli Con Carne sink a battleship. In order to get it to cool down quickly, you pop it into the fridge before you freeze it. Sure you can do this, but by doing so, it’ll warm up all the other items in your fridge which were nice and chilled meaning your fridge is going to have to work extra hard to bring the temperature down again. For best results, and as long as it’s safe to do so, try to let your food cool down naturally before it goes into your fridge.

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Stock it up

A fuller fridge is a happy fridge because it isn’t having to work so hard to keep everything cool. For this reason when your fridge is getting low as it inevitably will over the course of the week, try replacing the gaps with water jugs, juice containers even empty Tupperware boxes. This way your fridge appears full, even when there’s not much food in it.

If after taking this onboard your fridge still isn’t working to its optimum capacity then you might want to contact Static Electrics. We’ve been servicing the refrigeration and air conditioning units of Sunshine Coast and Brisbane homes and businesses for many years so why not give us a call on07 3497 5076 and let us show you just what we can do for you.

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