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At any given time your home fridge has enough food to feed you and your family for around a week. Commercial restaurant refrigeration, on the other hand, has to hold enough food to keep anything up to 100 people per day fed. Aside from the sheer volume and size differences of commercial vs residential refrigeration units, the former has several advantages that help them to meet their expectations in a restaurant setting.


Aside from the obvious size differences, there are differences in the layout of commercial vs residential refrigeration units. Residential fridges tend to have multiple shelves and compartments enabling the segregation of foodstuffs. A home fridge may also contain a water or ice maker. Conversely, a commercial fridge is often utilitarian in design with one or two shelves maximum. This is designed to make stacking and storing food easier. What’s more, any ice makers or water dispensers are generally separate machines or appliances.


Commercial fridges have more cooling power than a conventional home fridge as they have the ability to chill large amounts of foodstuffs or liquids quickly. Clearly, this is beneficial in a restaurant or food establishment setting because there are strict regulations and codes governing the storage of food and at what temperature it should be. That said, home refrigerators are usually more energy-efficient because in order to cool large quantities of food down quickly or to maintain large quantities of food at a core temperature, commercial fridges need to be running at maximum output for long periods of time.

Repair considerations

Because of these subtle and not so subtle differences, not all refrigeration engineers will deal with both commercial and domestic fridge problems. Therefore it’s always best to make sure that when you call in a refrigeration technician, they’re fully conversant with the type of refrigeration unit you have. This is vital especially in a restaurant setting where any delayed actions or complications can cost food establishments thousands of dollars in lost revenue and food costs. So remember, if you have a fridge problem don’t call out a technician that’s under-qualified. Instead, call someone who’s experienced in dealing with your particular type of refrigeration repair.

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