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Setting up your air conditioning settings correctly

We receive lots of calls each year with people asking how to change their air conditioning settings. With the change of seasons alternating from cooling to heating and vice versa, it seems like it should be so simple! However with the remote controls being so small and the setting selections being hard to read it’s a common issue we come across.

Our local air conditioning experts compiled a basic guide to changing your air conditioner settings.

What temperature should my air conditioner be set at?

For the most energy-efficient operation of your air conditioner, experts recommend setting the temperature at between 24 and 27 degrees in summer and 18 to 20 degrees in winter.

Changing air conditioner settings for a new season

In Queensland, it’s quite common to change your air conditioner settings from winter to summer or summer to winter and it’s relatively easy to do on most air conditioning systems. Firstly you need to look for the “mode” setting on your air conditioning remote and follow what is usually a simple selection process.

Some systems will have written text such as Cool or Heat so pressing one of these modes will allow you to make your desired selection. Where this becomes tricky is usually due to the remote control using pictures instead of text. These symbols can be small and hard to read. Generally, the heating selection will have a picture of a sun, whereas the cooling will have a snowflake design.

air conditioning settings hot and cold

Common issues with air conditioning remote setting

  1. Changing the temperature only – Lots of people think that just by changing the settings from 18 degrees to 24 degrees will change the system from cooling to heating. This isn’t the case as you will also need to change the mode as described above.
  2. Confusion over multiple options – Some systems will have multiple options for mode settings. These may include EcoDry and can cause the system to seem as though it’s not working correctly.
  3. Batteries low in the remote – You might need to change the batteries in the remote if the settings don’t seem to be changing with the remote selections.
  4. No sound or beep – If you change the setting as the remote appears to change mode and there’s no sound, the system may not have registered your selection. Make sure you aim the remote at the system and then wait until you hear the beep to acknowledge the air conditioner has recognised your new setting.

Air conditioner remote setting help

If you’re having trouble getting your system to work or need air conditioning repairs don’t hesitate to give us a call, we can provide professional fault finding services to ensure there are no underlying issues as well as ensure your system is on the perfect selection to suit the season. Call our professional air conditioning team today!