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Keeping your air conditioner clean and regularly serviced can help to prevent a host of issues around your home or workplace, from seasonal allergies to inconvenient breakdowns. However, since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, many businesses and homeowners have become concerned about how their air conditioner could aid the spread of this potentially fatal airborne virus.

If you’re working from home during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, you are probably using your home air conditioning a lot more than usual. And if it has been over a year since your last air conditioner maintenance service, you’re probably breathing in air contaminated with nasties such as mould spores, fungi, bacteria, dust, and possibly viruses. We think you’ll agree, that’s not an ideal situation at any time.

Will air conditioning maintenance prevent the spread of coronavirus?

Caution needs to be taken with companies or products which claim to stop the spread of the coronavirus in your air conditioning systems. At this point, there is no research into whether or not air conditioning or HVAC systems can encourage or reduce the spread of the virus. While many products can be used to remove the virus from surfaces within your air conditioner, these surfaces can become recontaminated within minutes if the air is drawn in from an infected persons cough or sneeze.

It is also thought that the Coronavirus is too small to be filtered out by most domestic and commercial air conditioning filtration systems.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t have your air conditioner cleaned regularly. We strongly recommend workplaces with staff returning shortly should carry out maintenance and cleaning procedures prior to a return to work to reduce the contaminants in the system and maintain the circulation of clean air.

Tips to reduce contaminants in your air conditioning system

  • Carry out routine maintenance and cleaning.
  • Use the fresh air intake where possible.
  • Maintain good personal hygiene.
  • Clean frequently used surfaces such as keyboards, desks, chairs, taps, door handles, aircon remotes and control panels.

Routine air conditioning maintenance

Static Electrics have a range of split system and ducted air conditioning maintenance packages designed to suit all applications from a nearly new single split aircon to an older ducted system in a dusty office.

Our air conditioning technicians recommend yearly maintenance and cleaning for residential cool only air conditioners, twice-yearly maintenance for home reverse cycle units, and 1-3 monthly servicing for commercial aircon systems. More often in these situations:

  • Someone in your home smokes.
  • You have pets that shed a lot of hair or dander.
  • Members of your household have respiratory problems such as asthma.
  • During or after a renovation project

You can find more information on our air conditioner maintenance package options here:

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