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Are multi-head air conditioners cheaper than separate split systems?

It would seem like common sense, a multi-head split system would be cheaper than separate systems as you have less outdoor units. Well you might be surprised to know that multi-head system are actually more expensive to buy than individual units. This is due to a few reasons;

  • Multi-Head air conditioners are less common so the manufacturing costs can be higher.
  • They have more components and are more complex in design to allow the refrigerant to flow between the multiple indoor units.
  • They must be installed by a refrigeration mechanic.
  • Electricians with Certificate II in Air Conditioning can’t legally install multi-head air conditioners.
  • Often the gas pipe runs are longer as the heads usually end up further away from the outdoor unit.

Why would you consider a multi-head air conditioning system?

A multi-head system is a great air conditioning system solution for an apartment or townhouse with a small balcony or outside area as they take up less space.

What’s the cons of using a multi-head air conditioner?

There’s a few downsides to consider, firstly the system could cost more than installing individual split system units. They will require a qualified refrigeration mechanic to install and can be more involved to install due to the gas pipe distances to the outdoor unit. If the system becomes faulty, all the head units are likely to stop working leaving you without any air conditioning. Lastly, the parts can generally more expensive than standard split systems.

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Do all brands have a multi-head option?

Most leading air conditioner brands have a multi-head option, here’s a few you can consider.

  • Daikin multi-head air conditioning.
  • Mitsubishi Electric multi-head air conditioning.
  • Samsung multi-head air conditioning.
  • Gree multi-head air conditioning.
  • Plus many more.

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