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A basic guide to how ducted air conditioning works to cool or heat your home.

There are a couple of main components to a ducted air conditioner –

  • the air conditioning system – which is made up of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit,
  • and the control system which is better know as the zone controls.

The indoor unit is installed inside the roof cavity and is connected to the outdoor unit via gas pipes and electrical wiring. This indoor unit contains a metal coil which is cooled using the refrigerant which is circulated through the unit within the gas pipes. A fan housed inside the indoor unit blows air past the refrigerated coil and down through the air ducts cooling the house.

The cooled or heated air travels down the air con duct and out the outlets in various rooms throughout the house. The air is then slowly recirculated (via slight suction) back through the central return air grill (usually installed centrally within the house) which allows the air to travel back to the indoor unit in the ceiling for re-cooling or heating.

The ducted air conditioner zone control system allows the user to open and close the ducts to certain areas allowing different rooms, or zones, to cool or heat at any given time.

Ducted air conditioning also provides the flexibility to cater for various comfort zones throughout the house. For instance, you could keep the bedrooms several degrees cooler for a comfortable sleeping environment while warming the living areas or lounge.

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