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Has an error message or fault code on your GoodWe solar inverter stressed you out? You know it means you’re having problems with your precious system, and the product that does all that energy-converting from your solar panels is widespread across Australia. But GoodWe is based in China – and it can be difficult not only to find information about the company, but a clear list with detailed explanations of error codes and faults is doubly challenging. Don’t, however, let those GoodWe inverter problems get you down.

GoodWe inverter offline with a fault?: Read on

You’re at exactly the right place for GoodWe inverter fault codes and more – so sit tight. We’re going to go right over the head of the hit-and-miss GoodWe tech support to completely demystify your dilemma. We’ll get you back up and running with minimal stress straight away:

To start you off, let’s re-acquaint you with your GoodWe inverter – before we figure out what’s gone wrong. Remember, the LCD will initially say “Waiting”, before it switches to “Normal”. If you don’t see one of these, you’ll see an error message – like “Inverter failure” or “System failure”. Helpfully, these messages are common across the full range of products if you discover your GoodWe inverter offline.

Before we do anything else, short press the button several times to enter the “Error Code History” menu on the display. Long-press to enter the error detection menu, and then you’ll be able to see the latest three inverter records – which in your case may very well be error codes or states.

Goodwe inverter troubleshooting for fault codes

If what you’re seeing is definitely an error code, that’s because GoodWe’s engineers have built into the system several dozen of them – taking into account all the various models and all the various solar inverter problems. These include grid connections, internal component failures, environmental factors and much, much more. The most common codes, however, are:

#1: An inverter restart might be enough for this internal communication (SPI) failure.

#2: Oh no, it looks like the memory chip has failed. Hopefully, a restart will suffice.

#3: A FAC failure means the grid frequency is out of range, but don’t panic just yet – it’s likely your inverter is simply in the process of restarting automatically.

#14: Seeing a 14? It means the ground insulation impedance is too low, so get a professional solar inverter technician to check proper earthing has taken place.

#16: Your GoodWe inverter is having an issue with its external fan, which will require a fix – but try simply restarting the technology first.

#17: This means the input voltage from your solar panels is too high, but this should never happen – so you’ll need to contact a repairer.

#18: Your inverter is overheating, but the fix could be simple – like clearing away debris or doing a quick ventilation clean.

#20: The inverter’s internal fan has failed, but a restart can often be a kick-start.

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#21: The error code has been triggered by the DC bus voltage being too high, but try turning the DC switch off and on again (and repeat) to see if that clears it.

Having GoodWe inverter problems?: We can help

We’ve given you the most common GoodWe inverter fault codes, but there are plenty more. You could always try your luck with GoodWe tech support, but a faster route to salvation is by getting in touch with Static Electrics – a family-owned solar, electrical and air conditioning business providing you with the best Sunshine Coast electrician, Gold Coast solar electrician or Brisbane electrician. We can offer detailed support and solutions to GoodWe inverter error codes, so reach out to Static Electrics today for guaranteed workmanship and a great price.

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