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When it comes to eco-friendly energy production, solar systems are some of the best options around. They offer renewable energy to your home, meaning lower energy bills and a better option for the environment… but what happens when they aren’t working like they should? If your system is showing an error code, it can be quite confusing and frustrating to know what to do, so we thought we would help out with all the Sharp JH1600 solar inverter owners out there a little with some important information.

We have compiled a list of the most common Sharp inverter fault codes and what they mean, meaning a little less stress when your system isn’t working properly (or at all!). If you are still unsure, give your local solar inverter repair experts a call and they will be able to assist.

Common Solar Inverter Error Codes

Solar Inverter Error Code D27

Electricians come across this fault fairly often and it is described by Sharp as ‘excessive voltage on the input or output of the inverter’. This fault could be associated with a storm or other surge of power, and generally means the inverter will need to be replaced. Your local solar electrician should be able to provide a detailed solar report during the replacement process, which you may be able to pass on to your insurance company for coverage purposes.

Solar Inverter Error Code D18

If there is a D18 error showing on your inverter, your system has a ‘ground fault’ which will require a solar system inspection and health check. This kind of fault can be caused by the DC power from the panels shorting to the earthing on the system, by moisture into the solar panels, DC isolators or by inverter failure.

Solar Inverter Error Code E15-D15

If your solar inverter is showing an E15-D15 error, this means that the inverter relay is sticking. This will often convert to a D27 error, which is a terminal issue with the inverter. This error can be intermittent and can cause loss of solar output, so a solar health check will be needed on the system to investigate the issue.

Solar Inverter Error Code “blank screen” no lights.

If your solar system DC isolators and AC circuit are on but this error is showing, it is likely the inverter has failed. Some other factors like the panel wiring and roof top switches can also be the cause, however, all these will require a solar health check to locate the issue.

See the table below for more information on the Sharp JH1600 fault codes :

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sharp solar inverter repairs error fault codes

Sharp JH1600 Error Codes

What should you do if your solar inverter has a fault?

If your solar inverter is showing an error code, it is best to call your local solar electrician and see if they can assist. It may be a simple fix or something more complicated, but either way, they can advise you on the best course of action.

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