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Sunteams KLNE Solar Inverters were quite popular a few years ago, however unfortunately the Australian importer has closed down which means they can’t honour the warranty of this inverter anymore. KLNE stands for ‘Kinglong New Energy Technology’ and were made in China. These inverters generally have a red front cover and their label is usually on the side. These inverters came in multiple watt sizes which included 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000.

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Do you have a Sunteams KLNE Solar Inverter that is showing an error code or not working properly? We compiled a list of the most common faults with Sunteams Solar Inverters. If you have any questions or issues regarding your Inverter, it is highly recommended that you get in contact with your local solar specialist to discuss.

Solar Inverter Fault Codes

Grid V Fault

If your inverter is showing a ‘Grid V Faul’, you will need to allow the grid supply to stabilise before the inverter can go back to its normal working state. If it doesn’t reconnect, you will need to try a restart following the shut down procedure, as well as have your AC connection tested to ensure it’s within the prescribed voltages. If the fault is persistent, you will need to get your solar system checked and inspected.

Disconnect Grid

A ‘Disconnect Grid’ fault suggests that the inverter has lost its connection to the grid. To fix this, check and ensure your AC circuit breaker in the switchboard is on, as well as the one beside the inverter. If they are both in the on position, check and ensure you have power to all of your home and the grid supply is readily available. If you have checked these and your inverter is still not working, you will need to get your solar system checked.

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High Ground I

If a ‘High Ground I’ fault is showing, you will need a qualified solar electrician to test and check the impedance between PV (+), PV (-) and the ground/earth. This fault suggests the DC power may be in contact with the earthing of the system, and this can be from the water in the panels, isolators or inverter.

Sunteams inverter “Grid F Fault”

This fault will require a qualified solar electrician to disconnect both the PV +ve and –ve input and then reconnect them after a short break. If this reset doesn’t fix the issue, your solar inverter may need replacing.

High PV Voltage

If your inverter is showing a ‘High PV Voltage’ fault, it requires a qualified solar electrician to check and test the DC solar power voltage from the panel to the inverter. This error can mean the system is producing too much power into the inverter.

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Common Sunteams Solar Inverter Faults

These are just a few of the common Sunteams solar inverter faults we have come across over the years. If you need help with any more information or would like a qualified solar inverter technician to attend to check your system, please don’t hesitate to give Static Electrics a call on 1300 206 004 or complete an online job booking form today. We are your local solar experts!