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No matter what air conditioner type or brand you get, an air conditioner isn’t cheap. So, how long do air conditioners last?

The easiest way to answer is to point out that like most household appliances, your shiny new air conditioner comes with a warranty – so how long does yours last? Remember, the manufacturers are very clever about setting those warranty durations based on the average life expectancy of the product, so it’s always the best guide. That’s why those extended warranties cost more – because the manufacturer or retailer may start to get rather nervous about malfunctions or failures!

Question: How long do air conditioners last for?

Keen to squeeze as much life out of your air conditioner as possible while wondering ‘How long do home air conditioners last?’ Of course, you are! The key is to understand the essential factors that influence air conditioner durability:

1. Quality

Like any consumer product, one might ask, ‘How long do domestic air conditioners last?’ Well, the answer is that not all air conditioners are created equal! We’re talking about materials, brand reputation, and component quality.

LIFE EXTENSION TIP: Spend a little more upfront on a premium brand with all the best verified reviews. This initial investment can also pay you back with lower running costs, saving you plenty of money over time.

2. Maintenance rituals

Just like your car, which you don’t hesitate to take in for its overdue service, air conditions also thrive on love and care.

LIFE EXTENSION TIP: Get those routine air conditioner maintenance checks done! Pick your professional well and make sure they give it an annual once-over. As for you, you can make it a habit to check, clean and change those filters every few months or so.

3. Usage patterns

You don’t like to be overworked, and neither does your hard-working AC.

LIFE EXTENSION TIP: Get accustomed to some energy-efficient habits, like turning the air conditioner off and switching the ceiling fan on for a while, or just dropping that temperature so it’s more like a pleasant oasis than the Arctic Circle!

4. Installation quality

If you get a dodgy installer to put that air conditioner in for you, you’re asking for trouble.

LIFE EXTENSION TIP: When wondering ‘How long do most air conditioners last,’ it’s vital to only trust fully-licensed professionals who know exactly how to properly position, wire, and set up your air conditioner for the longest possible life.

5. Environmental factors

Live near the beach? A particularly polluted place? Just a lot of blustery dust and dirt in the air? They’re all enemies of your AC.

LIFE EXTENSION TIP: In these cases, regular aircon cleaning will be your best friend. As an added bonus, try to shield your external units from direct exposure if possible.

6. Electrical care

If power surges happen where you are, realise this: you’ll pay for it in a reduced air conditioner lifespan. Or it could just get zapped outright.

LIFE EXTENSION TIP: It doesn’t cost much to invest in a quality surge protector, protecting your unit from electrical spikes.

7. Component upgrades

When pondering ‘How long do air conditioners usually last,’ it’s noteworthy that a particular part or two might wear out a lot faster than the core of your air conditioner unit itself.

LIFE EXTENSION TIP: Instead of calling the air conditioner repairer when it completely breaks down, be proactive and ask that same pro if any ageing components could be replaced or upgraded.

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