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As a hotter-than-usual Aussie summer beckons, the spectre of climate change looms larger, and energy price inflation makes our bills more massive than ever, we need to talk about the various types of air conditioners. In our country, we simply need them. But in our homes and commercial spaces, there’s no getting away from the fact that no matter what types of aircon you rely on, they all take a huge bite out of our electricity and gas bills – which just makes our carbon footprints even bigger.

Which types of aircon are best for you?

So with all that in mind, choosing from the various types of air conditioning systems on the market is not just a matter of comfort, but a significant ethical and financial decision too. Let’s, then, take a deep dive into the different types of air conditioners on the Australian market here in 2023, and explore how a wise choice can help you tick every single box.

Not all types of air conditioning are created equal! So for energy bill and eco-efficient bang for your buck and our planet, let’s count it down:

5. Window units

Sure, they’re more affordable upfront than many other air conditioner types. But these compact units that are designed to fit seamlessly into a window frame are generally best suited only for cooling single rooms. Crank it up and try to cool an entire house and it’s basically the least energy-efficient choice.

As you run and run these aircon types, the operational costs quickly add up to a big energy bill. So think of it as a quick fix for something like a cheap rented unit, but steer clear if you’re a homeowner concerned about long-term sustainability.

4. Portable units

This is the type of air conditioning system you’ll find in discount department stores and retailers – freestanding units that are easily moved from room to room. Convenient, yes, but not particularly great – and not really an energy-efficient cooling solution at all.

On the upside, you don’t need to do any installation, so for the odd hot day or in a temporary situation, it’s handy to have. But they don’t make the cut in terms of a long-term, permanent, eco-conscious cooling solution.

3. Evaporative coolers

When the heat is dry, evaporative cooling systems are among the types of aircon that use the least electricity compared with the traditional technologies we’re used to – like reverse cycle. They use the evaporation of water to lower that air temperature, but unfortunately that makes them pretty inefficient in places like the Sunshine Coast and elsewhere in our state – in fact, they can make you feel even sweatier when the humidity is high!

2. Ducted systems

For a decent-sized home or commercial space, there’s no doubt about it – ducted air conditioning systems are the A-grade solution. Combined with modern zoning controls, they can also be quite efficient indeed, giving you the ability to just cool the areas you need to be cooled at the time. Yes, it costs a bit to get them installed, and without smart zoning, they can use quite a lot to run them. But used wisely and over the long term, this is the perfect choice.

1. Split systems

For our winner today, however, we’re giving the gold medal to split systems. In just about every way, it’s the most energy-efficient among all the different types of air conditioning, especially when installed in individual rooms and with smart eco-friendly settings that are common today. High energy star ratings make these units a go-to choice for those balancing cooling with sustainability, especially with ‘eco mode’ features and individual room control. For comfort vs. efficiency, it’s the optimal mix.

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Need more guidance with these air conditioner types?

But at the end of the day, deciding between the various types of aircons depends on quite a few things, including your space, your local weather and your budget. To tailor your choice to your unique needs for the most eco-friendly and cost-effective solution, Static Electrics can really help.

All across the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane and beyond, we won’t just match your exact situation to the various types of air conditioners out there, we’ll install it for you, fix it for you, and service, clean and maintain it for you – no matter the type, brand, model, age or condition. To find out more, get in touch with our local and family-owned electrical, air conditioning and solar power business right here at Static Electrics today.