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The Clenergy International brand was founded in Australia and offers high-quality solar options for both homes and businesses.

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If you are finding that a few error and fault codes are popping up on your inverter though, we have you covered. Solar systems have errors occasionally, so that is why it is important to know what to do when they occur. If you see any of these faults or would like further information regarding your Clenergy solar inverter, give Static Electrics a call today on 1300 206 004 and we can assist.

Clenergy Solar Fault Condition

clenergy error message

Display Panel Messages

System Fault

Isolation Failure Isolation Fault Earth fault of the PV-panels or failure of surge voltage protection.
GFI (Ground Fault Current Interrupter) active Ground I Fault Current on the ground conductor is too high.
Grid Failure Grid Failure Grid measured data is beyond the specification (voltage & frequency).
Abnormal Grid Impedance Impedance Fault Grid impedance higher than limit OR Grid impedance change is faster than limit.
No grid utility voltage No Utility Inverter is not connected to grid OR Grid voltage is not present.
DC-Input voltage too high PV Over Voltage DC-Input voltage is higher than the maximum limit (500VDC).

Inverter Failure

Master/Slave CPU Consistency failure Consistent Fault or Mismatch The readings of 2 microprocessors are not consistent. It is probably caused by CPU and/or other circuit malfunction.
Bus failure DC Bus High DC Bus Low DC-Bus voltage too high or too low.
Device failure Device Fault The device is unable to return to normal status.
Temperature too high Over Temperature The internal temperature is higher than the permitted operating range.

Common Clenergy System Fault Messages and Resolutions

clenergy fault information

Common Clenergy Inverter Failure Messages and Resolutions

Clenergy Inverter Failure Messages and Resolutions

If you would like any assistance, give Static Electrics a call today on 1300 206 004 and we can help.

*Images and information courtesy of the Clenergy SPH Grid PV Inverter Manual.