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It’s safe to say that virtually every home experiences various electrical problems at some time or other, and even though it might not be a major concern, they can easily escalate if not properly identified and fixed. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the 7 most common faults or problems.

Electrical spikes and surges

It’s usual for households to experience electrical spikes and surges during a storm, or even every once in a while, but when it occurs frequently there could well be underlying problems that are often hard to detect. It could be that you have no surge protection or that your surge protector is no longer working. This could damage appliances and even cause electrical fires, so it’s best to seek professional advice.

Continual electrical power outages

If you experience a power outage when you turn on a certain appliance or plug a particular piece of equipment in, it could mean that you are overloading the circuit, and/or you have a faulty circuit breaker. Power outages occur when the increased power trips the circuit, instead of it activating the individual circuit breaker. As above it can lead to electrical fires so it’s best to get electrical problems fixed soonest.

Electrical sags and dips

Opposite to power surges, electrical sags and dips occur when power heavy electrical appliances are switched on. Like power surges, they aren’t usually a problem if they occur once or twice. However, if they continue there could be an underlying issue that needs addressing.

Hot plugs or a burning smell

When plugs are faulty they can overheat and if they’re not dealt with urgently they can cause a fire. Hot plugs can also mean faulty wiring especially if accompanied by a burning smell. If this is the case, then switch off the power, unplug the socket and call out a local licensed electrician immediately.

Visible socket charring

When sockets overheat badly you’ll know because there is often a visible charring closely followed by a lingering acrid smell. Clearly, this is highly dangerous and it’s advisable not to use the plug again. Instead, isolate the power, and call out a professional right away.

Flickering lighting

Another common electrical problem is flickering lights. More often than not it’s your bulbs that need changing. However, it can also be a sign that you have a faulty wiring system. If it occurs often, or indeed after you’ve changed any bulbs, then again, it could be a sign of underlying issues and therefore, you really should call in the experts to investigate.

Mild electrical shocks

Mild electrical tingles or small shocks can occur when flicking a switch, turning an appliance on or off, or removing or inserting a plug. It could be something as simple as a faulty plug, switch, or appliance, which may, in turn, need replacing. However, it may also mean that you have a faulty wiring issue. With this in mind, it’s best to get a professional diagnosis of the situation from a fully qualified electrician.

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