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According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 100 people die year after year from house-related fires caused by electrical faults. If you don’t want to add to that statistic then it’s important for you to brush up on the principles of electrical safety and make sure you take note of the following 9 electrical precautions, to avoid any risks to your safety and that of your family.

  • Around 60% of electrical faults are a result of faulty wiring and related appliances. Because of this, it’s essential that you get your home a much-needed health check from your Brisbane electricians to make sure that your wiring is intact. If you’ve noticed that your lights flicker a lot, or the power goes off on a regular basis, then this is even more reason to call in the experts.
  • Make sure that your electrical appliances are in good working order. A large number of electrical fires are reported each year that are caused by televisions, stoves, ovens, clothes dryers and radios. If you think your appliances may not be safe then call in the experts to check them over.
  • Beware of worn-out appliance cords. Don’t place them beneath carpets in high traffic areas or put them against furniture.
  • Never overload electrical sockets and extension cords, as this is asking for trouble.
  • If you’ve noticed that light switches or electrical plugs are getting hot to the touch, then turn them off right away and get an electrician to check them out.
  • Never operate electrical heaters near items that could combust such as curtains and furniture.
  • If small children frequent your home then make sure that your electrical outlets are covered, since they could be tempted to put their fingers into the sockets or poke small toys into the outlets. Remember, keep your home childproof.
  • Water and electricity should never be together so be sure to keep all your electrical appliances, wiring, and outlets safe from dampness or moisture. If a pipe bursts in your home turn it off at the main switch and call for an expert who can check the area is safe.
  • Do invest in smoke alarms and more importantly, carry out weekly checks to ensure they are working. Also, make sure that everyone in the household is aware of an evacuation procedure, and practice it from time to time.

Even though electricity is all around us, it still pays to be cautious about the possible dangers of improper use. Follow the safety measures above and when the need arises call upon the services of an experienced, fully qualified electrician, such as Static Electrics. You can call us on 1300 206 004 or use the contact form on our website.