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Hold on just a second: didn’t you just replace that newly blown light bulb just the other day? Why on earth would it have failed yet again? Is it just a terrible product, plain bad luck … or is something else going on?

You may have lots of questions, but here at Static Electrics, we have plenty of answers to give you. So before wringing your hands and reaching in desperation for that trusty local electrician’s help to solve this dark mystery, perhaps we can help you right now to at least hone in on a diagnosis before giving up completely on your chosen type of light bulb, bulb brand or favourite fixture:

1. Cheap bulbs

Often, the most logical explanation is the simplest one. So maybe you’re just paying the price for those extremely low bulb prices you’ve been paying lately. Remember, a cheaper price means cheaper filaments and less overall resistance to failure.

2. Electrical arcing

Do your light bulbs keep blowing shortly after you hear odd buzzing sounds? It could be electrical arcing, which is the jumping of electricity from one place to another, which is sometimes caused by a poor fit between the bulb’s attachment and the fixture. The intense heat can cause not just a blowout but also a fire.

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3. Loose connection

Also possible is that a loose connection causing flickering and greater wear often precedes a bulb failure. With a bit of luck, simply screwing the bulb in more tightly can solve the problem, but often it’s the fixture’s fault.

3. Voltage spike

Whether it’s caused by your home’s electrical wiring or the supply grid, even a minor voltage spike can blow out your bulbs.

4. Vibration

While other light technologies such as LED are much more resistant to vibration and knocks, the filaments in traditional bulbs are easy to break – especially if the quality is poor. So be extra wary and choose an expert LED lighting installer.

5. Wrong wattage

Voltage spikes are one thing, but a much more common answer to the question ‘why do my light bulbs keep blowing’ is a simple mismatch of fixture and the required bulb wattage. Too much wattage will cause more heat, greater risk of failure, and even a fire risk.

Fight the blown light bulb with Static Electrics

There’s no doubt when a pesky light bulb keeps blowing, it’s a major frustration – but also an expensive issue over time. Worse still, it may actually be your electrical system’s cry for professional help. Don’t forget, an electrical issue at home could cost you more than time, dollars and a headache – it could cause a fire, an explosion, or even worse.

To keep your precious home and even more precious family safe and sound, you need to rely on only the best and most experienced Sunshine Coast, or Brisbane electricians. Give the friendly and fully-licensed electricians at Static Electrics a call today.