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If you’re considering hanging pendant lights for your home, then it’s good to know that these stand-out lights are a trend that seems set to stay for some while yet; however, it’s important to consider just where to hang them in order to maximise their effect. We’ve put together a few tips to help:

Over a table

Pendant lights work really well over a dining table since they cast their light down on the table itself so you can see what you’re eating without having the light shine directly into your eyes. We’d recommend that you allow between 70-80 centimetres over the table so that there’s sufficient room beneath and there’s no danger of anyone banging their head on them as they reach across the table for the condiments. It’s a good idea to install a dimmer switch too and then you can dim the lights for a romantic dinner for two. If you have a particularly long table then you could make a feature of it by using several pendant lights hanging at intervals along the table’s length.

Pendant lights in hallways

Pendant lights are a fab way of creating a focal point in what is often quite an empty space. You could group 3 together and hang them at different heights to create an interesting cluster or, if you have a long hallway, then hang them at the same height at intervals along the length of your hallway. Just be sure that if any doors or windows open into the hallway, that there’s sufficient space to clear them.

In the centre of a room

If you’re hanging a pendant light in the centre of a room then it’s often a good idea to hang it over something, say a rather nice armchair or coffee table. That way it creates a point of interest for the light to shine on, and also alleviates the risk of a person banging their head on it.

Bathroom pendant light

Pendant lights can look spectacular in the bathroom especially when they’re reflected back in a mirror. Just be careful when planning where to hang them that the light doesn’t get in the way when you’re using the sink but is low enough to offer good visibility for applying to make up or shaving.

Bedside lighting

Pendant lights are even being used to replace bedside lamps and are a great way to add a romantic ambience. Before installing them, however, make sure that you’re happy with the position of your bed as you don’t want the hassle of moving your new lights to accommodate your bed.

Kitchen bench lights

Finally, pendant lights come into their own in the kitchen where they can be used for spotlighting over a kitchen bench and to provide another focal point. Again think about leaving 70-80 centimetres below the light and the benchtop and make sure they’re positioned in such a way that they’re not glaring in your eyes when you’re working at the bench.

Pendant lights are extremely versatile and really can be used in any room of the house. If you need some help in installing your pendant lights and/or dimmer switches then our local electricians can help. Give us a call on 1300 206 004 and we’ll be right with you.