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Water getting into an electrical panel can endanger your life. We all know that water and electricity don’t mix. Well actually on occasions they do, and that can cause major problems! But what about when it gets into your electrical panels, what should you do then?

Before we answer this it’s probably a good idea to mention the main reason why this happens.

As the majority of meter boxes are located externally, a combination of the harsh climate combined with wear and tear can cause the cables to crack over time. When it does rain, water can seep into the cables where it will accumulate, until it eventually reaches the electrical panel. Once it does it can cause all kinds of havoc. It can leave you with serious corrosion and malfunctioning circuit breakers. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to rain. In some cases, even humidity can cause water to build up in your cables which can then get into your panel.

What should you do if you see signs of water in your panel?

If your panel is showing signs of rust and corrosion, or if you have damaged or deteriorated meter-box cabling, then you need to contact a licensed electrician.

Aside from the corrosion aspect, it can cause major problems with your circuit breakers and even though they may not appear on the surface to be damaged, they should be changed. The reason for this is that normally a circuit breaker has a piece of metal inside that expands when hot. As it expands it breaks the circuit and shuts it down. When water and/or corrosion gets inside the circuit breaker it can cause it to stick. Clearly, a malfunctioning circuit breaker isn’t good news.

So how can you make sure your electric panel doesn’t become a victim to water?

Quite simply you need to make periodic checks of your meter box cabling. Look for any signs of deterioration or cracks and look for any possible way that water can get in. Don’t forget it only takes the slightest bit of wear to invite water in. If you feel that your cable is showing signs of deterioration, cracks or general wear, then it’s far better to err on the side of caution and get it replaced. An experienced electrician should be able to change this for you quite easily.

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