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Now the September days and nights are thankfully warming up, summer’s just around the corner and this means making more use of your outside space, particularly in the evenings. For many people, this means plenty of al-fresco dining, but to make the most of the whole experience you need effective outdoor lighting.

Ideally, your lighting should serve to enhance your terrain by subtly lighting up certain aspects or features rather than looking like an airport runway or being lit up like a floodlit football pitch. So with this in mind, just how do you use your outdoor lighting to give the best effect?

Think low voltage

The first thing to remember is that your lighting doesn’t have to illuminate your entire neighbourhood for a dramatic effect. In fact, in this case, less is definitely more. Think subtle, think tranquil, think low voltage. While you might not think that a low voltage system is adequate for your needs remember the headlights of your car run on a simple battery.

Don’t make the lighting fixture the main focal point

When thinking about outdoor lighting consider up-lighting a feature or element such as a tree or rock and making it the star of the show. Place the lighting in a concealed place so as it’s not on show and for real effect, go for coloured lighting for that subtle hue.

Add a touch of drama

If you’re looking to replant this spring then choose plants that create a real impact when lit up. Small palms for example reflect the light really well, or why not add some box hedging or rockery planting to add a real touch of drama.

Don’t forget your water feature

If you’re lucky enough to have a pond or a water feature in your garden then how about showing it off with some LED ring lights. Alternatively, add some fountain lights for dramatic effect.

Make pathways the last thing you light up

By leaving your pathways till last you can see at a glance what works in your garden and what doesn’t. Have a play around with your outdoor lighting until it gives the wow factor you’re after. Once you’re happy, then it’s only at this point should you think about illuminating walkways and pathways.

If you need further ideas on how to make the very best of illuminating your outside space or indeed need an experienced electrician to help you give your garden the wow factor it really deserves then contact Static Electrics. We’ve been helping residents and business all along the Sunshine Coast for many years and as such have the skills to help you with even the most complex of tasks.

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