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7 Top Tips To Keeping Your A/C Units Running At Optimum Capacity

With the summer in full swing and the mercury rising, many people in Brisbane rely heavily on their air conditioner units in order to maintain a certain degree of comfort, whether this at home or at work. For this reason it pays to keep them in not only good working order, but also running cost effectively. With this in mind, here are 7 top tips that you can use to make sure that your air conditioning system is running at optimum levels.

Cleaning the air conditioner filters

A clear filter can improve the running capacity of your air conditioner unit by up to 15%. If you imagine a vacuum cleaner that's full of dirt and debris, it isn't likely to be of much use as it looses suction. The same goes for an A/C filter. However in addition, when air flows through a clogged filter it may carry dust and debris with it, which could then hinder the ability of the evaporator coil to absorb heat. With this in mind look at calling in the pros to get it cleaned as per recommended manufacturers instructions.

Keep immediate area clear

Top tip number two is to keep the immediate area around your A/C unit clear from furniture, clutter, plants, and shrubs. If you have planting, make sure it's trimmed back so that it's at least one metre away. Doing so will increase the air flow capacity so you feel the benefit of it when you switch it on.

Keep your unit clean

When the unit is situated on an outside wall dirt and debris can build up around the fins. This causes the unit to work much harder than it needs to. What's more, overgrown branches can obstruct the fins so that they stop working altogether; so switch off the unit, trim back any visible branches, and wash the fins down with a damp cloth.

Replacing the fuses

If you don't want your A/C unit to stop functioning when you need it most you might want to change the fuses on an annual basis. You may want to call in a professional electrician to do this task, but if you're a handyman then it's a pretty easy job to do. Firstly turn off the units circuit breaker, then remove the old fuses from the disconnect box located near to the unit itself. Put the new fuses in and turn on the circuit breaker once more.

Setting the right temperature

While it's true that personal preferences differ the optimum setting for an A/C unit is 25 degrees. For every degree that you lower (eg 23 or 21 degrees) to keep cool it costs you more money. Some say as much as 10% more. For this reason it's always best to use A/C units in conjunction with ceiling fans. These are minimal to run and will help circulate the cooler air throughout your home.

Schedule professional maintenance in the off season

By organising annual maintenance you can be sure that your air conditioning is going to be in tip top condition come the time you need to use it. A professional will check all the various working parts to make sure that they're in good working order and replace the parts that aren't. After all, you probably wouldn't run your car year after year without a service because sooner or later it's going to let you down, right? The same goes for your A/C units.

Energy proof your home

Similarly to heat, cool air can escape from several different areas within the home such as under doors, through single pane windows, and of course poorly insulated walls. Why not book a home energy audit to check just how energy efficient your home is.

So there you have it! 7 top tips to keeping your A/C unit running in top condition. 

If you're considering giving your air conditioning units a service or you'd simply like a quick inspection to make sure that everything is okay, then contact Static Electrics. As well as dealing with electrical installations, replacements and repairs for people and businesses in and around the Sunshine Coast, we also maintain and service A/C units. 

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Great company to deal with - Static are one of the top rated contractors our company uses. I have also used them personally for Airconditioning work at my property. Nathan was very professionally, tidy and informative. Would not hestitate to call them again.

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Jeremy arrived on time, in fact he was a little early, he was clean and well presented in his work uniform and very courteous. He asked a few questions about what our air con was doing, to work out what he needed to do, then got stuck into it. His knowledge and attention to detail was impressive and by the time he was finished, our air con unit looked like it was brand new again. Before the cleaning out of the indoor unit, the fan was hardly blowing any air at all, but once the cleaning was finished and with the unit reassembled, Jeremy turned it on to test everything and the fan was now blowing like a force 10 gale, absolutely brilliant, exactly what we had hoped for, we are now all set for the next summer season. We will absolutely totally get Jeremy back at the end of the next summer season to clean the unit again. Top job we can highly recommend this company.

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