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With power bills surging at present, it’s no surprise that something else is surging too – ceiling fan sales. It’s the simple, easy and cheap way to circulate air inside a home, ramping down the reliance on expensive-to-run air conditioners whilst looking sleek, modern and chic, too. But did you know sales of outdoor ceiling fans are through the roof too?

Have you considered alfresco ceiling fans?

For your patio, pergola, deck, alfresco or other outdoor space, there’s nothing stopping you from having that familiar breeze above your head thanks to one of the best outdoor ceiling fans Brisbane & Sunshine Coast-wide. It makes summer comfier, enhances another living area, helps to keep the mozzies and bugs away, and clears away the smoke from that undercover BBQ. But perhaps best of all, outdoor fans benefit from some of the most aesthetically-amazing designs, finishes, materials and features like heating and outdoor lighting, adding an extra element of style and sophistication to all your favourite spaces.

The problem for many people, however, is that while we’ve all been using standard indoor ceiling fans for our entire lives, outdoor fans Brisbane-wide are experiencing a popularity surge – so you don’t necessarily know how to get the best out of them. So how do you maximise the benefits, efficiency and style benefits of alfresco ceiling fans? Here’s how:

1. Size & placement

They may seem basically the same, but outdoor fans and indoor fans have a lot of differences. Different materials, the ability to cope with the elements, different mounting supports, and often larger blades and more powerful motors to cope with the less controlled environment.

The result is that sizing and placement considerations for outdoor fans are vastly different, so the normal sizing for the area, ceiling height and airflow requirements needs to be expertly done.

2. Cleaning & maintenance

With an indoor fan, you still need to clean those fan blades and the housing occasionally to deal with the dust, dirt and debris that can affect the airflow efficiency. But you can imagine that exposure to less controlled and far more extreme outdoor elements ramps up the maintenance requirements quite a bit. Particular attention needs to be paid to the outdoor fan’s weatherproof seals, gaskets, and housing, whilst you also need to watch out for signs of rust & corrosion and insect infestation.

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3. Shading & protection

You’ll minimise these extra maintenance tasks quite a bit if you ensure that your outdoor ceiling fans are shaded and protected as much as possible – and you’ll supercharge the lifespan, too. While the range of outdoor fans in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast are typically built with weather-resistant materials, designs, seals and coatings, prolonged temperature variations and exposure to harsh UV rays and moisture will reduce their life substantially. Therefore, consider the shading element possibilities like sails, screens, blinds & awnings, and then enjoy the extra cooling efficiency gains you get with this strategic protection.

We install outdoor ceiling fans Brisbane & Sunshine Coast wide

For a great look, a refreshing outdoor breeze, and a practical & cost-effective cooling and ventilation solution, turn the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces up to the max by checking out the exciting modern range of outdoor ceiling fans Brisbane wide. Did you know the friendly and fully-licensed team at Static Electrics install, service and repair ceiling fans Brisbane & Sunshine Coast wide and beyond? For a great fixed price, fully-guaranteed and certified workmanship and a friendly smile with impeccable customer service every time, get in touch with Static Electrics today.

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