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It’s not too hard to block out a draught, paint a wall or even change a leaky tap washer. But for those wanting to step up their DIY credentials, one of the most common questions people ask is how to wire a light switch.

So here’s the official answer: you’ll need a licensed electrician for that. We’re not talking about screwing in a new bulb here – dabbling in electrical systems and circuits without the training, credentials and – perhaps most importantly of all – experience is downright dangerous, let alone illegal.

But with that said, it’s not a surprising question to be asked so often – because your light switches are perhaps the most touched items in your entire home! And while getting stuck in yourself might not be advisable, we should also mention that persevering with your daily tasks might actually become dangerous as well if you simply ignore that damaged switch.

Is your light switch on the blink?

  • It’s not switching on the lights
  • It’s tripping the circuit breakers
  • It’s making zapping/frying/hissing noises.

So without recommending for a single moment that you should flout the clear and totally justified rules against DIY electrical work, you might be surprised to learn that those qualified in wiring a light switch Australia wide are actually performing a rather simple task.

Wiring light switch Australia – here’s how it’s done:

1. Power off

Electricity isn’t just dangerous – it’s deadly. So before they go anywhere near a damaged light switch, they’ll switch off that mains power. And to be doubly-sure, the light switch will be flipped to off as well – and a voltmeter may even be used to confirm the absence of current.

2. Remove switchplate / assembly

The next step is to remove the switch assembly’s cover – known as the switchplate. If all you want to do is replace your dirty old light switch plates, you’re allowed to DIY this as long as you are not working on any wiring. But again we recommend against it.  For wiring a light switch, next it’s time to unscrew the switch itself from the assembly.

3. Check wires

Before hooking up the new switch assembly, your electrician will unscrew the wires a good look to see if they’re totally intact. If any of them look a little off, they may need to be trimmed and re-stripped.

4. Connect wires

Wiring a light switch in Australia means you’re probably dealing with three wire colours – white, black and green (or bare). It’s now just a matter of replicating the way they were attached to the old assembly. Once each one is screwed in, check the integrity of the connection with a light-to-firm tug.

5. Reattach assembly/switchplate

Without catching any of the wires in the process, put the entire assembly back together ready for the switchplate to be re-attached – marking the completion of the job.

6. Power on

Switch the mains power back on, check the operation of the switch, and let there be light!

Let Static do your light switch wiring

While that’s the gist of these relatively straightforward steps for how to wire a light switch in Australia, let’s make it clearer than ever. Do not try this at home! If you’re in need of a Sunshine Coast electrician, a Brisbane electrician or even a Moreton Bay electrician, your best port of call are the friendly, reliable and above all safety-minded, electricians on our team. Don’t risk voided insurance or that catastrophic “ZAP!” by trying it yourself, and instead, get in touch with the best local electricians near you – Static Electrics!