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As energy prices in Australia have increased by around 32% in recent years it means that unless you fancy being faced with a sky-high bill you should aim to cut your energy costs. However, as winter is here how do you do that without depriving yourself of the much-needed heat and hot water you need to feel comfortable?

Be mindful of your electricity tariff

Did you know that by heating your water using an electric hot water system it can use around a third of your entire yearly energy bill? Therefore if you’re on a single peak rate tariff, you could expect a large bill this winter. Instead, try switching to an off-peak tariff and look to decrease your thermostat settings by a degree or two. Even decreasing your water temperature by as little as two degrees could see a significant reduction in your overall energy consumption. Finally, you can also look to take quicker showers rather than baths to save energy this winter.

Switch to solar-powered heating and lower energy costs

While the installation of solar power can be a substantial upfront cost, solar energy is an efficient source of heating that will save you money in the longer term. Solar power has come a long way in recent years and now super-efficient solar hydronic systems can convert heated water into radiant heat which can then be easily circulated around your home.

Identifying power guzzlers

One of the key points in lowering your winter electricity bill is to identify any household appliances that guzzle power and use them more efficiently to cut energy costs and help save money. As an example, washing machines, dishwashers, and clothes driers can all guzzle power so you might want to use them sparingly. What’s more, when the time comes for them to be changed, upgrade them to a modern energy-efficient alternative.

Even during the winter, on a good weather day, you might want to hang your laundry on a clothesline as opposed to putting it in the tumble drier. In addition, make sure fridges and freezers are in full working order with fully functioning seals otherwise they’ll burn more energy.

Finally when you use the kettle, only boil enough water sufficient for your needs. All of the above may seem like small things, but when it comes to your winter energy bill, they can make a huge difference.

Servicing your heating system

As with all HVAC systems when they’re not working efficiently they’re costing you money. Conversely, a heating and ventilation system that’s regularly serviced is fully optimised for efficient running, so it will cost you less. Dust, dirt, and debris can clog systems so, in effect, your air conditioner needs more power to turn out the same degree of heat as a unit that’s been recently serviced.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can cut energy costs and save money on your energy bills this winter, then why not contact Static Electrics and ask about an energy efficiency visit. We’ll come to your home or business and suggest the necessary changes that you can make to save you money. To book your appointment contact us on 1300 206 004 today.