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4 Signs That Show You May Have Faulty Wiring In Your Home

If you happen to live in an older property you'll already be aware of the extra attention that it needs. This is especially true when it comes to your electrics. The trouble is that many properties still contain old wiring which can become faulty at any time. When wiring becomes faulty it can cause all sorts of problems and if left undetected the results can be devastating. You'd think then that bad wiring would be easy to spot, but unfortunately it isn't. 

That said, there are some clues if you know what to look for. Here are 4 signs that you may have bad or faulty wiring in your home.

Circuit breakers or fuses tripping out

Circuit breakers are installed as a safety measure and will cut the power as soon as there's a surge or dip in electrical power. If you're constantly having to reset your trip switch then there could be an underlying problem, namely faulty wiring or a bad connection.

Flickering lights

Have you ever noticed that your lights flicker or dim when you switch then on? Although good wiring rarely causes this problem it can happen from time to time. That said, if it happens frequently, then it's a distinct possibility that you have a faulty wiring issue.

Are your electrical sockets fighting back?

One of the most obvious and painful ways of knowing that you have faulty wiring is when you touch a socket and get a small electric shock. This is definitely a clear indication that all isn't as it should be and as a result you should call in a master electrician immediately.

Acrid/charred smell

If you've ever experienced a short that's caused a brief burn then you might not be able to notice it but one thing's for sure, you'll definitely be able to smell it. An electrical burn can cause a distinct acrid smell which lingers for hours. If you take a closer look you might see tell-tale signs of charring around the sockets and switches. If you experience any of these things then it's important to isolate the power immediately and call out the professionals.

It's worth pointing out that household electrical fires are a big problem and in Queensland alone in 2011, 27 people lost their lives in fires caused by faulty electrical wiring, most of which was old and needed replacing.

If you do reside in an older property and have never had a wiring check then you should contact Static Electrics. Our electricians carry out in-home safety audits where we examine all electrical appliances and switches and install circuit breakers where necessary. 

Don't leave it until it's too late contact Static Electrics today and get total peace-of-mind for you and your family. Call us on 07 5445 8435 to book yours.

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Great company to deal with - Static are one of the top rated contractors our company uses. I have also used them personally for Airconditioning work at my property. Nathan was very professionally, tidy and informative. Would not hestitate to call them again.

Luke Ehrenberg

Terrific service. Installers came on time, were friendly and efficient, and even cleaned up after themselves !! Absolutely no hesitation in recommending this company, and will definitely use them again

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Jeremy arrived on time, in fact he was a little early, he was clean and well presented in his work uniform and very courteous. He asked a few questions about what our air con was doing, to work out what he needed to do, then got stuck into it. His knowledge and attention to detail was impressive and by the time he was finished, our air con unit looked like it was brand new again. Before the cleaning out of the indoor unit, the fan was hardly blowing any air at all, but once the cleaning was finished and with the unit reassembled, Jeremy turned it on to test everything and the fan was now blowing like a force 10 gale, absolutely brilliant, exactly what we had hoped for, we are now all set for the next summer season. We will absolutely totally get Jeremy back at the end of the next summer season to clean the unit again. Top job we can highly recommend this company.

John Pavitt

Static instaled our Air Conditioning. Nathan and the team were fantastic, chearful, clean and tidy and did a very neat job. The price was good too! Highly recommended.

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