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In our modern lives, we almost literally couldn’t live without power points. It’s how we hook up our fridge to conserve the food we need; our air conditioners to keep us cool in the heat of summer; our medical appliances to keep us alive; our computers so we can carry out our work and study. But about a decade ago, although they were extraordinarily rare back then, power points with USB connectivity began to emerge – and they’re now becoming so common that some new homes now come standard with them.

Why you need USB power points at home

Today, the demand for powerpoints with USB connectivity is in direct response to the obvious growing need and appetite for ever more convenient charging and powering solutions for USB-powered devices. That demand has been driven by:

  • Today’s ubiquitous use of smartphones
  • The expansion of USB-powered devices
  • Widespread USB connectivity
  • The introduction of the faster and more powerful USB-C standard.

And as time goes on, many more factors will be added to that bullet list, as technology evolves and USB becomes the universal connectivity standard. Sure, without powerpoints with USB charging ports built-in, you can just use yet another USB wall adapter, a USB outlet on a computer, or a USB power adapter hub. But there are already enough reasons to upgrade your existing power points today:

10 reasons to upgrade to power points with USB

1. Convenience

Throw away all those USB adapters and chargers and plug straight into the wall without taking up entire standard outlets with USB-specific devices & appliances.

2. Space-saving

Reduce clutter and free up space on walls and power boards by upgrading to USB power points that combine traditional AC outlets with USB ports in a single unit.

3. Compatibility

From your smartphones, tablets and smartwatches to your Bluetooth speakers, headphones, digital cameras, gaming controllers, LED light products and beyond, the range of USB-powered devices is growing by the day.

4. Charging speed

Did you know USB power points typically charge devices quite a bit faster than with a USB adapter? That’s because the USB powerpoint usually has a higher intrinsic power output, and supports fast-charging technologies.

5. Multiple devices

One of the great things about USB power points is that they don’t just have one USB port – they have multiple USB ports! Better yet, why not go for some USB powerpoints with different types of USB ports in the same unit – like USB A and the newer USB C.

6. Future-proofing

Let’s face it – USB is not just the latest big thing in power and connectivity, it’s the big thing that will set you up perfectly for the future. By updating today, you’re ensuring compatibility with a huge number of forthcoming USB-powered devices and emerging charging technologies.

7. Safety

Powerpoints with USB aren’t just more convenient and versatile – they’re safer! That’s certainly the case if they come with built-in over-current, short-circuit and surge protection – so make sure you ask your installer about that.

8. Better aesthetics

When you’re wandering through a modern luxury home, you say ‘Wow’ a lot – and that’s certainly also the case when you see USB powerpoints littered about the place. It just adds to the modern aesthetic, made even better by eliminating all those cluttered, protruding and unattractive USB adapters everywhere.

9. Property value

And that ‘Wow’ factor converts directly into higher property prices if you’re on the market, as it makes clear that the electrical infrastructure of the house is ultra-modern and totally up-to-date.

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10. Keeping up with technology

The technological landscape is always evolving at a frenetic pace – but with USB powerpoints, you’re most certainly keeping up with the latest advancements in at-home charging and electronic technology.

Static Electrics can install your USB powerpoints

If we’ve convinced you that integrated powerpoints with USB charging ports are the way to go, it’s critical to get them installed, tested and certified by a fully-licensed Sunshine Coast electrician or one of our highly experienced local Brisbane electricians. And the friendly team at Static Electrics would be delighted to oblige! Get up-to-date with the charging and connectivity of the future by putting your faith in our family-owned and operated business operating from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane and beyond – so give Static Electrics a shout for a no-obligation quote.

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