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Keep Safe In Your Home By Being Aware Of Electrical Hazards

Electricity is all around us in our daily lives both in the home and the office. Thanks to our continuing reliance on electricity to power our lights, heating, appliances, and gadgets, there are more electrical hazards than ever to be aware of. So let's dive in and take a closer look at 7 common electrical hazards. 

1. Damaged or defective wiring

If you've taken possession of an old home then one of the first steps we recommend is to have a wiring inspection carried out. Poor wiring can increase the danger of fire, arc faults, and power surges. It's vital that your wiring conforms to Australian standards and essential therefore to use a qualified electrician for any wiring in your home, be it old or new. 

Some hazards include:

  • ‍Frayed extension cords
  • ‍Cracked wire insulation
  • ‍Overheated cords
  • ‍Loose connections such as swtiches and outlets

2. Pouring water on electrical fires

It's natural to panic in the case of an electrical fire in the home and this often results in people pouring water onto the fire in an attempt to put it out. Unfortunately this has the effect of fueling the fire and could result in the person being electrocuted. 

A good tip is to keep a fire extinguisher handy in a place where it's easily visible, and in the case of an electrical fire, use the extinguisher to put out the flames. If you don't have a fire extinguisher turn off the power, get everyone out of the house, and call the fire brigade.

3. Outlets too close to water

Outlets in rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens should be placed as far away as possible from sources of water. Water conducts electricity so keeping outlets a fair distance from water reduces any risk of electrical shocks. Remember never to use your hairdryer or phone near the bath or the pool, or anywhere that the floor is wet. 

4. Wet hands

Expanding on the point above, never ever handle electrical devices witih wet hands as this increases the risk of electrical shocks. Make sure your hands are properly dry after getting out of the shower before reaching for your hairdryer. 

5. Extension cords

Extension cords are useful when you need that extra length from the power socket to where you want to use your device. However, trailing cords can cause a trip and fall hazard so when using them keep them fixed firmly in position and never use them as a permanent alternative to additional outlets.

6. Young children

It's only natural that toddlers want to explore their surroundings and although we're sure those of you who are parents supervise little ones at all times, it makes sense to provide extra protection for them by replacing any powerpoints which are within their reach with extra safe powerpoints. Unprotected powerpoints can lead to serious injury for inquisitive children.

7. Lightbulbs

Most of us probably don't think of lightbulbs as dangerous but if you're using old style bulbs which get hot in use and they're placed near inflammable materials such as curtains, there is a risk of fire. Always take care to turn off the light switch before changing a light bulb so as not to get an electric shock, and again, do not use wet hands. Also replace your bulbs with LED ones which don't get as hot in use. 

To reduce the risk of death by electric shock, we recommend the installation of a safety switch or RCD (residual current device). 

Never carry out electrical work yourself, instead give Static Electrics electricians a call on 1300 139 039. We can conduct a thorough wiring inspection and recommend any electrical works that need to be carried out in your home to ensure your safety.

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At Static Electrics, we are passionate about our work and offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on every job. From the initial booking, through to the completion of the job, we will take pride in every step of the process. Our customers can expect to be greeted by a friendly office team member, either by telephone contact, email or SMS. For more specific electrical or air conditioning advice, customers’ requests may be transferred through to one of our experienced estimators for further assistance. Onsite, our technicians will be respectful and will not leave any mess behind. More so, they will never compromise on the safety of our customers, their homes, their business or the products we use.


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Eric was very courteous, precise and thorough in his work. Same as last time, very happy with your services and people who work for you. Will be back . Dagmar


Very pleased with the installation of fans by Static Electrics. The electrician arrived right on time, installed the fans, cleaned up everything when completed & took away the old fans & all the packings. I will be having Static Electrics do my electrical work in future.


I found Jarvis to be very prompt/respectful and informative. As having never dealt with solar before he answered all my questions patiently and in layman's terms. You should be very happy to have Jarvis on your team and he is credit to your business with his professionalism.Thank you very much Jarvis!

Lola Manteit

Electrician on time and carried out the job requirements very well

Peter Barton

David did an admirable job in installing a new solar inverter to our property. He gave a very clear and concise exp;lanation of how the system worked and what to look for in the event of a system malfunction. It is so satisfying to witness such efficiency!

Alvyn 24422 Hingston4

Nathan from Static Electrics came to diagnose an issue with a split system. Nathan was on time, polite, diagnosed the problem and fixed it. As a result of Nathan's manner and presentation i'll be taking all my future electrical business to Static. Keep up the good work.


Nathan was on time and did a fantastic job servicing my air conditioner. He was very knowledgable and was able to fix a couple of small issues I had. He left everything clean and tidy too. The job was well done and the price was great. Thanks!

Shani Sanders

Good service. Staff Jay and Eric did a very good job and cleaned up nicely afterwards.

Patrick Philp

Very happy with the service.

john hayes

Jeremy did a fantastic job - thanks Jeremy. He was referred to me by a friend who used his services and was extremely happy too!!

Tanya Imray

Jarvis was right on time, he was straight forward ,polite, listened well to our concerns about our Solar system and provided very good information and choices and options about what products were available to us. We would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

Reg and Judy

Once again a great job performed by Static. These guys are very professional, friendly and tidy. We have used them on a number of occasions and never been disappointed or had any issues. Thanks to Nathan for his work today.


Great company to deal with - Static are one of the top rated contractors our company uses. I have also used them personally for Airconditioning work at my property. Nathan was very professionally, tidy and informative. Would not hestitate to call them again.

Luke Ehrenberg

Terrific service. Installers came on time, were friendly and efficient, and even cleaned up after themselves !! Absolutely no hesitation in recommending this company, and will definitely use them again

Anne Hattersley

Jeremy arrived on time, in fact he was a little early, he was clean and well presented in his work uniform and very courteous. He asked a few questions about what our air con was doing, to work out what he needed to do, then got stuck into it. His knowledge and attention to detail was impressive and by the time he was finished, our air con unit looked like it was brand new again. Before the cleaning out of the indoor unit, the fan was hardly blowing any air at all, but once the cleaning was finished and with the unit reassembled, Jeremy turned it on to test everything and the fan was now blowing like a force 10 gale, absolutely brilliant, exactly what we had hoped for, we are now all set for the next summer season. We will absolutely totally get Jeremy back at the end of the next summer season to clean the unit again. Top job we can highly recommend this company.

John Pavitt

Static instaled our Air Conditioning. Nathan and the team were fantastic, chearful, clean and tidy and did a very neat job. The price was good too! Highly recommended.

Chris Gough

Jordon & Jay were very professional and did a wonderful job on the install of my air conditioner. Excellent work and I would highly recommend them.

Wendy Campbell

I would highly recommend this company. They are prompt, polite and great to deal with. Had an air conditioner installed by Eric with no hassle or stress.

Gay Vanderkoogh

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