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We could all do with a bit of advice now and then, especially when it comes to saving money, so if your electricity bill is eating up large chunks of your income, then we need to talk to you about power saving tips. The truth of the matter is that by simply taking charge and being accountable for the electricity you expend, you’ll save yourself a heap of cash.

Sounds easy right? Well in theory it is. Let’s take a closer look at exactly how you can do that and make your home more energy-efficient.

Natural cooling and heating rocks

If you don’t want to ramp up your electricity costs then make the most of natural cooling and heating. Firstly if you don’t have ceiling fans you’re missing out on a trick. They have the ability to move those natural cooling breezes around the room and what’s more, they’re extremely cheap to run. During the really hot spells, keep windows and doors closed where possible and during the winter months open blinds, shutters, and curtains on sun-facing windows to make use of the warm air. In addition, invest in thicker curtains and draft excluders to keep the warmth in.

Make use of the proper heating system

During the winter months, many people waste money by installing the wrong heating system. For instance, in smaller areas as a study or bathroom then smaller strip heaters should do the same job as a larger heating system which burns more electricity. Alternatively for larger areas, then how about opting for zoned-area heating. This way you’re not wasting money heating up areas you aren’t currently using.

Switch it off

In this day and age, we have so many gadgets such as DVD players, computers, stereos and TV’s, all of which have a stand-by setting. You might not be aware that even when these appliances are left on stand-by, they still burn electricity. To prove a point, recent studies have shown that a family who regularly switches off all their appliances can expect to make a saving on their electricity bill of around 10%. Who wouldn’t want that?

Is your home correctly insulated?

Not only does a correctly insulated home keep you warmer in the winter because it stops the heat from escaping, but it can also slash your energy bills considerably. In some cases by up to 40%! For this reason, professionally installed insulation for your home is most definitely worth the initial expense as in the long term it’s going to save you money.

Opt for LED Lighting

Yes LED lighting is more expensive to buy initially but they give off less heat meaning that they expend less energy. What’s more, an average LED light has a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours.

So there you have it, 5 ways that you can take accountability and slash your electricity bills. Here at Static Electrics, our electricians offer a free in-home energy evaluation service to residents in and around the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, so why not contact us on 07 5445 8305 to find out more about our electrical services.